Announcing Better NFTs:

Fiat supported NFT Protocol and Marketplace for E-Sports and Streaming Community on BSC

Introducing E-Sports and Streaming NFTs

It’s finally here! Yes, we are pioneering E-Sports NFTs with Fiat Support. What NBA TopShots is doing to traditional sports, we’re doing that and more for e-sports and streaming.


NFTs have boomed and quickly become the buzzword in the Crypto Community and mainstream media. However, true adoption for NFTs by the masses still looks distant due to some structural problems.

  1. Fiat payment options
  2. Eco-friendly nature of electricity intensive Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains
  1. Zero Gas Fee marketplace with USD denominated pricing to ensure transparency
  2. Curated and exclusive content stable from your favorite Twitch & YouTube stars
  3. Value added NFT concept which gives more benefits such as channel membership and exclusive content rights

The Product USP

The centerpiece of Better marketplace is the creation of a fiat to crypto NFT layer that offers no-gas and no-slippage pricing.

What’s next?

While the tech team is preparing for the closed beta rollout, you can participate in our limited time airdrop and register yourself as the first E-sports NFT holder.



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Better NFT

Pioneering Fiat supported E-Sports and Streaming NFTs on BSC. More details on